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Below is a selection of our Sweetie Cakes which are all made to order.

The price of these cakes depends on

a) whether the cake is a single number/initial or a double number 

b) what you have around the edge of the numbers

c) what you have in the middle of the 'cake'.

This is a basic price guide but please message us with your requirements and we can quote an exact price.


Cola bottles / Squashies with pic n mix in the middle £9.99-£19.99

Starburst / Refresher chews / White mice with pic n mix £12.99 - £24.99

Kinder / Cadburys Dairy Milk / Freddos / Reeses / Mini Mars with pic n mix £16.99  - £29.99

Other options may be possible - please ask!

These Sweetie Cakes don't post well so if at all possible they should be collected from the shop.


Please see our How To Order page.


If you need any information about the ingredients / allergens in our products - please just contact us.

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