Below is a selection of our products which can be ordered and posted to you.

These plus a wider range of sweet and chocolate treats are also available in store in Chepstow. Please see our how to order page.

Pic n Mix boxes £10 or £5.

Choose between Sweets, Chocolates, a mixture, Just Fizzy, Traditional or Vegan.


250g Megabags also available at £2.50


450g general pic n mix in a large letter style box. Just £6.99 including first class postage within the UK.

Number Chew/Chocolate & Sweetie Cakes from £9.99 - £14.99 

Refresher Chews, Kinder, Mars, Milky Way and Freddos are available. These are filled with Haribo or Pic n Mix.

Initials are also available.

For 2 numbers eg 18, 30 etc. prices range from £17.99 - £24.99. It is better to collect these if possible as postage costs are high and although cakes are very well packed we can not guarantee that they will arrive in perfect condition.

Kinder, Freddo, Mars, Milky Way or Maltesers Sweetie Cakes from £7.99 for a 6 inch cake.

Larger sizes available and different types of sweets available for 'filling'.

Lindt Trees or Ferrero Rocher Trees £7.50 or £11.99.


Larger trees are also available but must be collected as are unsuitable for posting.

Sweetie / Party Cones £1.50 or £3.00 each

Choose from Harry Potter, Football, Ninja,  Butterfly,  Unicorn, Mermaid, Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan or Sugar free. You can also request your favourite sweets

Slightly smaller £1 versions available, minimum order 6

Homemade Speciality Fudge 100g £1.50

Choose from Traditional, White Choc, Prosecco, Whisky, Baileys, Salted Caramel, Lemon, Lotus Biscoff, Choc Orange depending on availability.

Gift Boxes also available.

NEW  - We also offer a special POSTAL FUDGE BOX

200g fudge in a postal box £5 including postage (UK)


Hot Chocolate Powder, Mini Marshmallows, Cadburys Chocolate Buttons and 100g Homemade Fudge in a Letterbox Style Box.

£6 inclusive of First Class Postage within the UK.


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