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Cadburys Mini Egg Easter Box. £25

Complete with mini egg bars,  chocolate eggs, creme eggs, mini eggs, Easter Pic n Mix and jelly carrots. 

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Easter 'Cakes' £7.99 - £12.99

Cadburys, Kinder or Reeses chocolate filled with mini eggs


Lindt Chocolate Bunnies filled with Jelly Carrots or mini eggs.


Suitable for posting 

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Mini Egg Trees


Lindt or Kinder Eggs on cardboard pots £5


Cadbury's Eggs on metal bucket £8.99 


Suitable for posting

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Laser Cut Wooden Bunnies with your choice of egg. £2


         Suitable for posting


Hand knitted chicks and bunnies containing creme egg  £1.50 each

Suitable for posting


(Donation given to Cancer Research Wales for each one sold.)

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Easter Sweet Cones - £2

Include Jelly beans, Haribo eggs, Bunnies, Jelly bunnies, Jelly carrots,  flowers etc . Contents may vary slightly.

Suitable for posting

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Cadbury's Chocolate half eggs filled with  Easter Pic n Mix - £2.99

Suitable for posting.

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Easter Chick Chocolate Lollies from Gwynedd Confectioners. £2

Suitable for posting..

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Mini Egg Platters £19.99

Cadbury's mini eggs, Creme eggs, Lindt eggs and Galaxy eggs


Contents may vary slightly.


The Easter Flower £16.99

Cadbury's Freddos or Kinder chocolate filled with Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury's foil wrapped eggs and mini eggs.

A 'sweets' version is also available at £15.99

Suitable for posting

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Easter Kebabs £1.

Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies on a kebab stick complete with ribbon and Easter sticker.


Suitable for posting.


Mini Egg Box Bouquet £20

Not suitable for posting - sorry.

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Lindt bunnies and Jelly carrots in a cellophane bag with Easter sticker.


Suitable for posting

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